Do you have an interest in write for us with demandable general sites, creating content or partnering with our https://abc.com team? We are always open to new content, and we would love to hear your ideas. Check out our content before you write us. It will give you ideas and help you get to know our style.

We are always looking for thought-leadership articles and well-researched opinions. Also, we need fresh strategies that provide actionable tips. Word Maze welcomes guest writers. We appreciate your interest in contributing to the blog.

Guest contributions that are successful are data-driven and informative. They also teach our readers about information technology in business.

Important note for you

Google search console guidelines should be followed when writing content. The content should be clear and concise with appropriate headings and subheadings that aid the user in understanding and make it attractive and also your content is unique copyright free and according to google search console guidelines

We don’t want you to do that.

These are topics that we have covered before. Before submitting ideas, please search our website.
Anything that could be considered a link-building program. We do not participate in affiliate marketing or partner-linking systems.

We do not cover topics that are relevant to this site.

Articles that promote or sell products, tools, services, or apps are promotional articles. Respect the principles of non-selectivity and objectivity as well as impartiality.

Before you send us a message, think about what you would like to write and pitch it to us. Send us the link to a previously written piece. Original content is what we are interested in. Send us an email if you have great ideas or content and would like to work with us!


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Make sure your article is:

  • Contains quality, clear and informative advice that is both interesting and useful. We also take into consideration the needs of our readers.
  • These articles are written exclusively for Word Maze and contain content that is exclusively for Word Maze’s website. Please no re-posts!
  • It is submitted with all information you require in the final version, including links, text, and other pertinent information.
  • Copyright laws are not infringed
  • Include a headline, body text and your byline.
  • Copyscape and plagiarism-free
  • Unique and engaging

We publish articles ranging from 700 to 2,500 words depending on the subject matter. On average, articles are 800 to 1200 words. Many articles include a custom illustration. Articles can be informal in tone and content, which is great for posts and tutorials that are less intensive. Or they may be structured and edited to a high standard. It is important to explore current and emerging topics in the web industry.

How to submit and what happens next

Send us your submission. Submissions should be submitted as Google documents or word documents.  

One link is included in your author bio. Your article link should not be promotional and must support the topic. Backlinks to sales pages, landing pages or home pages are not allowed. You are allowed to link to white papers, case studies, surveys and blog posts that support the topic.

Send us links to articles you have published on other websites if you feel you are capable.

We will use your submission to get a good idea of what kind of work it is that you can do for us. We will review your article and determine if you are a good fit for our site.

We are looking for articles that are both informative and entertaining. They should be the most informative and entertaining article available on the topic.

Your past writing examples will determine your quality.

To get a better understanding of our minimum standards of work, please take a look at our blog articles.

If you have topic ideas for guest posts, please include the keyword volume in your submission. Underline or Highlight the keywords that you want to link as an anchor text. 2 do-follow backlinks will add in every post.

We appreciate your interest in our team. We look forward to reading your submissions.


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